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Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

HR 1215 – and why congress hopes you miss it!

So I couldn’t help myself – I tried once again to tell the tale of why Congress hopes you won’t pay attention to what they are voting on.  Enjoy my 20 minute discussion on HR1215 here and why I fear for profit healthcare and pharmaceutical lobby wants this Bill, and why you, as the consumer…[Read More]

What can a medical malpractice lawsuit really do in Virginia? And how do we file complaints against Virginia hospitals, doctors, nursing homes etc?

I hear it frequently from kind, hurting people who have either suffered themselves as a result of Medical Malpractice in Virginia, or witnessed a loved one suffer: It’s not about the money – I just don’t want it to happen to someone else.” So when I tell them the only thing a lawsuit can do…[Read More]

What is craft and why does it matter when you hire a Virginia Medical Malpractice Lawyer to represent your family?

        Forgive the shadow. Forgive the bad picture. Read Rob Bell’s new book How to be Here.  And consider for yourself, and folks that you engage professionally and personally, do you want to hire a lawyer that is driven by personal success (maybe) or craft? Craft is when you have profound sense…[Read More]

Why third party liens can make or break your case

Sometimes, we turn down valid cases because it doesn’t make sense for a family to pursue a case and end up with nothing.  Often we turn down cases because we know families will be disappointed when only the attorneys, experts and government recovers in a case.  More often, we turn down a case because the potential…[Read More]

Xarelto, Coumadin or Warafin management and physician mistakes

I have heard it before: “This new medication is so far superior to what we used in the past. It’s easier to manage, blah blah blah blah blah.” While I love the optimistic health care providers have about new drugs, I have and will remain a skeptic. Coumadin has long been a difficult medication to…[Read More]

What can hospitals and doctors charge for copies of medical records?

The question of what hospitals and doctors can charge for copies of medical records is a hot topic for patients and their attorneys who are considering medical malpractice and negligence cases.  The records are obviously essential to a medical malpractice investigation. More and more providers are using third-party vendors, like HealthPort, to process requests for…[Read More]

Talking about your loss, again and again.

In wrongful death cases that involve medical malpractice or negligence by nursing homes, there is one thing that stands out as the most difficult for family members – having to relive their loss over and over during the case.  Unfortunately, it’s unavoidable.  But it’s also manageable, and here are some ideas to make it more…[Read More]