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Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

HR 1215 – and why congress hopes you miss it!

So I couldn’t help myself – I tried once again to tell the tale of why Congress hopes you won’t pay attention to what they are voting on.  Enjoy my 20 minute discussion on HR1215 here and why I fear for profit healthcare and pharmaceutical lobby wants this Bill, and why you, as the consumer…[Read More]

Getting Admitted to the Hospital on the Weekend can kill you

I am not kidding and now there is a study to back me up. The New England Journal of Medicine just published a study titled, “Mortality among Patients Admitted to Hospitals on Weekends as Compared with Weekdays.”  The study’s authors looked at over 3.5 million hospital admissions over a 10 year period – pretty significant numbers. …[Read More]

Remembering Veterans Beyond Veterans Day

It is easy in this Hallmark, holiday driven world to get caught up in celebrating something or someone on its designated day.  But we should not forget them the rest of the year either.  That is certainly true for celebrating and appreciating veterans.   We practice law out of Roanoke, Virginia.  That means it would…[Read More]

The Justice System – like the Superbowl? No way. Much more unpredictable.

IS JUSTICE JUST? SOMETIMES. DOES THE BETTER TEAM WIN THE SUPERBOWL? SOMETIMES.  When someone calls our office and it is clear to our attorneys that the medical care they received was negligent (meaning, below the standard of medical care one should receive), and as a result of this negligent care they suffered a serious injury,…[Read More]