Prostate Cancer: an all too common story

The Roanoke Times just published an article from “To Your Good Health.” An informative and educational column on infectious diseases and public health issue written by Dr. Keith Roach, a highly respected physician at Weill Cornell Medical College.  Today’s column was based upon a wife’s report of how her husband’s doctors failed to provide him…[Read More]

For liberty and justice for all

You’ve said those words thousands of times if you attended primary or elementary school in the United States. You said them to conclude the Pledge of Allegiance wherein we state we are one Nation, under God, with liberty and justice or all.  But what does that mean? Likely it means something different to everyone who utters…[Read More]

Hospitals in Southside and Southwest Virginia don’t come highly recommended

We all rely upon “word of mouth” in locating a good building contractor, dentist, plumber, painter, doctor, or lawyer.  What about finding a good hospital? If word of mouth from patients who were treated in that hospital is considered, several Virginia hospitals would fare poorly.  Virginia Business magazine’s January issue contains an article on this…[Read More]

Republicans say there is a “malpractice crisis,” experts disagree.

This issue is not a Republican versus Democrat or Liberal versus Conservative matter.  You have probably heard or read the following:   The medical malpractice crisis is threatening U.S. health care.   Baloney:  Medical errors claim more than 250,000 lives each year and medical negligence is the third-leading cause of death in America.  Sounds to…[Read More]

What can a medical malpractice lawsuit really do in Virginia? And how do we file complaints against Virginia hospitals, doctors, nursing homes etc?

I hear it frequently from kind, hurting people who have either suffered themselves as a result of Medical Malpractice in Virginia, or witnessed a loved one suffer: It’s not about the money – I just don’t want it to happen to someone else.” So when I tell them the only thing a lawsuit can do…[Read More]