Doctor admits lying in support of colleague at trial!

My firm handles medical malpractice cases and it never ceases to amaze me how defense lawyers, hired by the medical malpractice insurance companies who insure the defendant doctor, always find some well-credentialed and well-educated doctor to come to trial and testify that the defendant did nothing wrong.  We have seen some unbelievable situations.  Recently, a well-traveled…[Read More]

How to pick a surgeon

If you need emergent surgery, there is no decision to make.  You take whomever the hospital assigns or whomever is available. But what about elective surgeries like hip or knee replacements… or a heart valve repair…or certain cancer surgeries?  For me, I would always choose the surgeon with the most experience.  The surgeon who has…[Read More]

Doctors Instructed to Go Light on Sedatives and Pain Meds to Move Patients Along?

Are you kidding me? A hospital taking short cuts to discharge patients too early in order to increase revenue? Erik Franck, MD, an anesthesiologist practicing at the Kaiser Permanente hospitals in the Portland, Oregon has filed a lawsuit against Northwest Permanente (a division of Kaiser Permanente) making these very allegations.  Dr. Franck believes Kaiser was more interested in…[Read More]

Watch out for medical mistakes while in the hospital

I didn’t write the title to today’s post but I certainly agree with it.  The title to today’s post comes from The People’s Pharmacy and was written by Joe and Teresa Graedon.  The article was re-published by my local paper, The Roanoke Times, and presents some pretty sobering statistics:   1.  Medical error is the…[Read More]

Surgical complications – not always a result of human error

No such thing as a simple surgery.  Seriously. And no surgery is totally without risk.  We have had patients die during hip repairs, and suffer life changing injury after routine colonoscopies and or gallbladder surgeries. We have seen patients die during child delivery, cancer surgeries, and other ‘routine procedures.’ Sometimes, the health care providers do…[Read More]